Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tonight, this afternoon really, 4:30pm Wed 5:30 Fiber paste for SAS DT!

OK gang for those of you in the area, Coeur D Alene that is, join us at 4:30 pm for Visual Journaling. We will be playing with pens and little house pages fun and easy. bring a gluestick and pens! I have stuff for those who forget there stuff.
free!!!!! although tips are graciously accepted.

Tomorrow SAS Downtown Spokane 5:30pm FIBER PASTE! only $10 A fabulous medium for the mixed media artist it makes many surfaces into paper. Come on down and check it out.


Mariel said...

Fun class! See everyone 'next year'!!

Mariel said...

Well, for some reason I'm not able to create a new post, so will just add another comment . . . . I'm driving out to MaryJo's Sat for our annual ornament exchange, eat, drink, & be merry party. I have one "fer sure" passenger with room for 2, maybe 3 more. I will be at SAS @ 12:30 if you'd like to ride shotgun!