Saturday, September 12, 2009

This month's meeting

Hi out there!
I do hope some of you are reading this.
I got some bad news this past Mom passed away. It was not totally expected and in some ways a blessing as she will not suffer any longer.
I must be down in California next week for the services which means I will not be able to run the club but I think you all could handle it yourselves if you would like to continue the scrabble tile necklace without me. I can leave the supplies at the shop and if a few of you could band together and show any newbies what to do I think that would be great!
Please let me know what you all think. Email me directly if you can't post it here on the blog.
For those of you that attended my Friday Class in the valley I am sorry that I have to cancel this weeks class but I am sure you understand.

ALSO I hope that everyone thinking about attending any of the classes at the show please sign up ASAP we still have some spaces but the large mailing went out on Thursday so I know some of the classes will fill up and you want you guys to have the first crack at it! Everyone who is coming to the show will get an EXTRA 20% off even sale items! Sunday will be 25% but I doubt there will be much left, LOL!
Thanks for understanding!


Mariel said...

MJ . . . I am so sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. I know this is no easy thing. You have my greatest sympathy & support. I'm willing to meet with everyone, exchange books, 4x4s, etc. Unless someone has already done the necklace, I'd be willing to wait for next month. Thanks for your concern @ stamp club, but no need to worry. You've got enough on your plate. Hope all goes well for you & family. Mariel

TAG said...

I am trying to get a hold of Linda tomorrow. I will try to post while I am on the road.
Thanks for your kind thoughts and support.