Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm still recovering from 'the Great Art Adventure' last weekend. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing some of you there. I liked it at the store. It seemed very intimate and exciting. I would have loved to have taken more classes, bought more 'stuff', watched more demos, and visited with attending artists. NEXT YEAR! My only suggestion that would have made the show better for me, personally, would have been to see pre-show samples & examples of what the classes were about. I have a niggling suspicion that I missed some golden (oops, not the products!) opportunities because I just wasn't sure what the class really was. I was inspired by the lecture and class that I took about acrylics. I also know that it was very similar to what I've been learning from MaryJo every month . . . I confess I was lured by the 'seductive surfaces' in the description. I've got to start on my fat/chunky page . . . and I somehow ended up with my own journal this month! See you soon, Mariel (she who is practicing blogging here)

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